Vegan/Vegetarian Eats in Sydney’s CBD

Vegan/Vegetarian Eats in Sydney’s CBD

As Kermit, the frog would say, “it’s not easy being green”. It’s hard to be the only vegan in your social circle sometimes. However, I am always on the hunt for good eats around Sydney that not only cater to my dietary requirements but are also a crowd pleaser amongst my meat-eating friends. Here are a few of my go-to vegan places that are worth putting on your list.

Orchard St. Raw Takeaway

If you’re short for time and in need for a quick bite to eat, Orchard St. Raw Takeaway has a great selection of food and drinks dedicated around one philosophy: wellness. Founded in early 2013 by Kirsten Harvey, a qualified Naturopath, Herbalist and Nutritionist, Orchard St marries convenience with natural experiences.

Photo source: Orchard St. Raw Takeaway



Hari’s Vegetarian on Quay St, Haymarket

The cheery Hare Krishna’s are more than just a movement or an upbeat group of dancing disciples on the street, they also make delicious vegetarian food from vegan curries, salads, cakes and chai. Call them on (02) 9212 1010 to book a table.

Photo source: Hari’s Vegetarian



Yulli’s on Crown St, Surry Hills

Where do you go when you need to cater to vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dietary requirements? Yulli’s dishes are not only diet-friendly but are creative, tasty and served in a quirky dining room setting.
Take a look at their menu or call (02) 9319 6609 to make a reservation.

Photo source: Yulli’s



Nourishing Quarter on Cleveland St, Redfern

For Vietnamese vegan food that’s served in a kitschy space and feels like home, Nourishing Quarter hits the spot with their delicious rice paper rolls and salads. To make reservations, use The Fork or Quandoo,
or call them on (02) 8399 0888.

Photo source: Chitphan Auppakarakul from Google Reviews