This Is NOT A Drill: Sydney Vegan Market

Whether you’re a veteran, a sometimes vegan or just veggie-curious, this market will interest, intrigue and possibly make you cry tears of joy. And if you’ve ever wonder why home wares and makeup had ‘vegan’ on the label, well you’re ’bout to get educated!

Coined in 1944 in the UK, those more familiar with veganism will know that being vegan is not just a dietary choice, at it’s core, it extends beyond the food and becomes a conscious decision to lead an existence where animals and their by-products are not forcefully taken by us for our benefit and to their detriment). By extension this care for animals goes beyond the animal themselves and to the environment that sustains them, hence veganism has also focused on lessening the environment impact of living and support sustainable lifestyles. This means that not only do vegans watch what they eat, but also wear and use in their homes to make sure they have a minimal impact on everything around them and are very wary of supporting brands that make participate in animal cruelty (often in the form of testing on animals (cosmetics) or using by-products or the animals themselves (animal fat, insect shells etc) in the final product).

The Sydney Vegan Market is coming to Marrickville on the 19th of November, with more happening on the coming on the third Sundays of each month. You’ll have the chance to experience all kinds of cuisine from cakes, desserts, coffee, burgers, Asian, Middle Eastern cuisine and more! And to make things even better, the market’s not limited to ready-made food – it will also feature stalls that will supply you with fresh produce, home wares, fashion, and more.

If you’ve ever been unsure if you can undertake a vegan lifestyle, or if you just want to see what it’s all about, have a look at the markets as they strive to offer a true vegan experience in every aspect possible!