The Meaning of Flowers

Flowers are certainly beautiful, but do you know each of them has specific meanings?

These meanings are based not only on the type of flower, but also the colour. Here’s a list of flowers and what they symbolise/mean:

Amaryllis Pride, beauty
Aster Patience
Black-Eyed Susan Charm, encouragement
Bouvardia Enthusiasm
Camelia Grace
Carnation ·       Red: Pride, admiration

·       Pink: Love, gratitude

·       Yellow: Refusal, disappointment

·       White: Innocence

Chamomile Patience
Chrysantemum Endurance, everlastingness
Daffodil Rebirth, new beginnings
Daisy Purity, loyalty
Edelweiss Devotion, everlastingness
Freesia Trust, thoughtfulness
Gardenia Joy
Geranium Friendship, unity
Gerbera Cheerfulness
Hibiscus Happiness
Hyacinth Constancy
Iris Wisdom
Ivy Fidelity
Jasmine Elegance
Lavender Devotion
Lilac Youthful innocence and joy
Lily ·       Calla: Elegance, royalty

·       Casablanca: Celebration

·       Of the Valley: Sweetness, purity of heart

·       White: Purity, modesty

·       Orange: Passion

·       Yellow: Glee

Orchid Refinement, maturity
Peony Compassion
Poppy Consolation
Rose ·       Red: Love, passion, deepness

·       White: Purity

·       Pink: Happiness

·       Yellow: Friendship

Sunflower Adoration, dedication
Sweet Pea Delicateness, pleasure, bliss
Tulip ·       Red: Declaration of love

·       Purple: Royalty

·       Yellow: Hopelessly in love

·       White: Forgiveness


Next time you’re gifting flowers from your garden to loved ones, make sure to keep this list in mind.