Edible Flowers 101

We know that home gardens can produce edible fruits, vegetables and herbs, but what about edible flowers? Which ones can we eat safely, and how do we prepare them?

There are a wide range of flower varieties that are edible for human. These include, but not limited to: chives, courgette, chrysanthemum, dahlia, dandelion, geranium, hibiscus, mallow, marigold, nasturtium, lavender, lilac, pea, peony, primrose, rose, snapdragon, sunflower, tulip, and violet.

Flowers can be added to a salad, as garnish on desserts, frozen in ice cubes, or even put in the cooking. However, remember to always wash the flowers before preparing them. Also be mindful that for some flowers, you can only eat the petals. Below is a helpful chart from Brittany Watson Jepsen that you can read for reference.