Best Plants to Improve Your Nighttime Sleep

Having trouble keeping your eyes shut at night? As unlikely as it sounds, house plants might be your solution. These plants can help you get your forty winks by purifying the air and relaxing your body. Here are a few plants to add to your bedroom…

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is more well-known for its gel, which can be used to treat minor cuts, burns and insect bites as well as condition hair – but it’s also great to help you get some sleep at night. It produces oxygen in the evening and thus can purify the air as you fall into deep slumber.


Peace Lily

This plant has one of the best performances in removing pollution from the air, breaking down harmful gases and eating up mould spores. It also increases humidity in the room, which can help ease sore throat and sinus as well as prevent drying skin.



Lavender flower not only brings sophistication to the room with its beautiful purple colour, but its scent also has relaxant properties that help reduce and prevent stress and anxiety.


English Ivy

Allergies keeping you up at night? Consider stocking up English Ivy, which cleans up the air and remove airborne mold and faeces in just a day.


Christmas Cactus

Christmas cactus or schlumbergera will adorn your room with its beautiful flowers and, like aloe vera, it releases oxygen at night. Plus point: it’s also not hard to manage at all!