Best Plants for Tea Drinkers

Avid tea drinkers know that great ingredients make great drinks. This is especially the case in tea and tisane, or herbal tea made of various leaves, seeds, roots or barks. If you’re interested in making your own tea from scratch, there are a few plants that you can grow at home to make this happen. Here are the plants, along with some guide on how to grow them.

Camellia (Tea)

The original tea is probably the hardest to grow at home, as they require two to four years until they can yield crop. Plant at least two shrubs, keep the soil moist and watch out for iron deficiency in the plants, which is characterised by yellow leaves.



Chamomiles not only make for pretty flowers, but they also have calming and sedative effect when made into tea. Unlike camellia, chamomile requires dry soil. Plant it in part shade, and then move fully under the sun when it grows.



Helpful in relieving nausea and upset stomach, this tuberous plant can also be used in cooking as a spice. Plant in humid, warm location with partial shade using sandy soil for optimum growth.



Not only does it have refreshing taste, but it also helps in curbing bloating and soothing sore throats. It’s also very easy to grow, indoors or outdoors! Make sure to provide the plant with full sun exposure, lots of water and good drainage.