Best Gardening Accounts to Follow on Instagram

The Internet is a great place to look for inspiration and meet like-minded people, including gardeners. They can not only give you tips and tricks on plant-growing, but also soothe your eyes with beautiful, lush greeneries from their own home for you to enjoy and model after. Here are five best Instagram accounts for gardening and urban farming…


Claire Ratinon’s account covers both urban farming and indoor gardening, giving you all the inspiration you need.



Seed to Stem is a small shop in Massachusetts filled with an abundance of botanicals and terrariums – a great inspiration for those without a yard to plant on.



The self-acclaimed “plant hoarder” shows that fully indoor gardening is possible. Check out the feed for home deco inspiration.



UK farmer and author Charles Dowding can indeed dine from his own garden.



For a truly educative feed on gardening in the city, look no further than Urban Gardeners Republic – you can find tips for vegetable container gardening to tool checklist.