Best Fruits to Grow in A Small Garden

The idea of eating fresh fruits straight from your garden is, of course, appealing – but it can be a bit difficult, considering that our living space is getting smaller and smaller. Luckily, some fruit trees can still produce great crops without taking over all your yard space. Here are some of them:


Source: Sage Ross (CC BY-SA)

Nectarine’s small tree grows well in cool and warm temperate areas. However, do keep in mind that it requires a great amount of pruning, fertilizing, thinning and watering!


Paradise Pear

Also known as Faccia Bella, paradise is a mini-sized variety of pear. The tree produces an abundance of small crops, making it perfect for snacking or as a side meal.


Sour Cherry

Cherry not only takes up little space, but it is also self-pollinating, making it easy to grow and maintain.


Loch Ness Blackberry

Source: Caroline Léna Becker

The thornless blackberry can be put on top of archway – they indeed require full sun to grow, too.



Source: Kings Plant Barn

Feijoa trees can be used as hedges or makeshift partitions, concealing walls or unwanted views. They grow well with full sun exposure and good drainage.