Best Flowers to Grow in the Winter

Best Flowers to Grow in the Winter

Need some colourful blooms to brighten your chilly winter days? Try grabbing these flowers or their seeds in your next garden shop visit…


Coming in every colour of the rainbow, pansies will be a great addition to your winter garden. They grow well in cool areas and bloom larger, more brightly-coloured flowers during the winter. Make sure your pansies are well-watered, planted in slightly acidic, well-drained soil, and have at least half a day of full sun exposure.



Hellebores don’t require a lot of maintenance – they grow well in shady, low-light areas. For optimum growth, plant them in rich, moist and drainable soil. Grow hellebores close to the surface to promote healthy flower production.


Apple Blossom

When in bloom, apple blossom produces an abundance of flowers and can grow to 80-100cm in height at its maturity. Apple blossom can be grown in full sun or partial shade. Make sure you use clay, sandy, well-drained soils with neutral pH.



Thriving in cold and wet conditions, cyclamens should be grown in a shaded area with free drainage. Plant the tubers on or near the surface.



This flower is excellent for shady and damp areas, as they allow moisture retention. Other than that, it doesn’t require a lot of attention. Make sure to keep the soil moist, and add fertiliser once every season.