Best Flower Gardens in Sydney

With the busy lifestyle in Sydney, it can be hard to take the time to go into the nature and enjoy the view. But do not fret – these inner-city gardens will allow you to feast your eyes on beautiful flowers and greeneries without having to trek for hours.

Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney

Situated at the heart of CBD, the RBG not only boasts the view of Sydney Opera House and The Rocks, but it also has a diverse flora collection – roses at the Palace Rose Garden, ancient and rare palms and ferns at the Australian Rainforest Garden, aromatic herbs at the Herb Garden, and unique flowers at the Australian Native Rockery. It’s a lovely place to have a quiet lunch, wander around, or even work in the outdoor setting – they have high-speed wi-fi!


Fagan Park, Hornsby

Whether you want to have a picnic, walk your dog, bring your kids outdoors or wander alongside the waters, Fagan Park has you covered. Its Gardens of Many Nations sprawl around 10 hectares, allowing you to walk the trail while enjoying their 11 nationality-themed gardens. A local bushland is also available if you’re looking for a longer walk or a bike trip. Otherwise, just stay close to the playgrounds or shelters.


Swain Gardens, Killara

Get an English-style garden experience by strolling around the beautiful landscape of these gardens. The quiet bushland setting covers around three hectares, enveloped by tall trees and filled with various levels of terraces.


Auburn Botanic Gardens, Auburn

While its fame could be attributed to its hosting of the Cherry Blossom Festival every August, Auburn Botanic Gardens is enjoyable to visit all year round. Featuring a sunken rose garden, a fauna reserve and aviary, pony rides, petting zoo and picnic grounds, it is a great place for a weekend family excursion.


Wendy’s Secret Garden, Lavender Bay

Dubbed as Sydney’s worst kept secret, the garden was created by local Wendy Whiteley at the Lavender Bay Parklands following the death of her husband. Today, it features a variety of plants, flowers and trees, with the highlight being the large fig tree providing shades to visitors and other greeneries. Some Australian-made sculptures are also on display, adding to the uniqueness of the landscape.