All the Gardening Tips You Need in 8 Infographics

For beginners, learning how to garden could be challenging. There seems to be thousands of tips and tricks for every plant, which can make it overwhelming to learn all at once. However, do not fret – reading these eight infographics could help you build your base knowledge and start gardening successfully.

  1. Start by learning how to create the most eco-friendly garden.
Source: Capital Garden Services


  1. You can start gardening even without seeds – here’s how.
Source: Whole Foods / Cooking Market


  1. What’s the deal with fertilizers, and do plants really need them?


  1. Make your own compost – not only can it recycle your waste, but it will also make your plants healthy!
Source: Craftsy


  1. These are the things to take note to ensure your indoor herbs grow well.
Source: PaleoHacks


  1. Done with your indoor herbs? Let’s focus on your outdoors now.
Source: Mercola


  1. Get to know the best places to keep your houseplants alive.


  1. Is something wrong with your plant? Find out what it means in this picture.
Source: Safer