6 Gardening Youtube Channels You Should Check Out

The internet is a great source for learning everything, including gardening. If you’d rather watch than read, Youtube could be your choice of platform. Here are a few Youtube channels that would help you learn more about gardening, from aquaponic system to container farming. Check them out!

Gary Pilarchik

Pilarchik’s channel is one of the most informative resources you can find on the Net when it comes to gardening. If you’re very new to gardening, you can also check his second channel New Gardeners which have videos with more detailed instructions.


Lavender and Leeks

Gardening in a limited allotment space can be quite challenging, but Katie of Lavender and Leeks is here to show you that nothing is impossible.


California Gardening

One of the most popular gardening channels on Youtube, California Gardening will help you truly dine from your own garden with helpful tips on growing edible produces.


Praxxus55712 and VoodooGarden

When it comes to outdoor gardening, landscaping and edible farming, Raymond Browning’s Praxxus55712 has everything you need. Don’t have a huge backyard? No problem, just head to Browning’s VoodooGarden channel for all indoor gardening tips.


Rob Bob’s Backyard Farm & Aquaponics

The Queensland-based farmer is all about aquaponics and planting root vegetables, among other things.