6 Best Bathroom Plants

Limited sunlight, high humidity, generally moist environment – bathrooms do not sound like a good place to keep plants in. However, some plants actually thrive really well in this condition. These are six plants that will survive, thrive and beautify your bathrooms…

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is not only useful – you can use the gel for cuts and burns treatment, moisturiser, hair conditioner and more – but it also can live just by dampness, as it requires little water.


Cast Iron Plant

Source: Nino Barbieri (CC BY-SA)

Cast iron plant grows just fine with low light, and it can withstand irregular watering too.



Ferns naturally grow in forests with filtered light and high humidity – but this environment can simply be recreated in your bathroom, too.



These flowers thrive well in damp, but not wet environment. Place it by the window for optimum growth.



Source: Jerzy Opioła

With various colours and shapes as well as a dislike for direct sunlight, peperomia can make your bath time more cheerful.


Spider Plant

The long-leafed spider plant can remove toxins like carbon monoxide from the air, and it requires low light and water to live.