5 Flowers for Allergy Sufferers

Does the picture above make you feel uneasy and sneeze-y? Or do you know someone like that but still want to give them a bunch of flowers to brighten their day? Or perhaps if you have to buy a bouquet and aren’t sure if you’ll need to give the person a box of Claratyne on the side, whatever your reason for clicking on this post the list below is sure to help!


Naturally found in the northern climates, Hydrangeas come in a variety of beautiful colours and are relatively low in the sneeze inducing department.


Mostly unscented and ranging from chartreuse to gold, these are a pretty low maintenance option as they don’t require much water or sunlight.


A pollen-free option! Lilies are beautiful, come in a variety of colours and won’t have their pollen flying around making life miserable for others. Just watch out for the type of lilies you’re buying as some varieties can have an intense scent which may bother some people.


If you want to opt for a pot plant gift or you want to transition your garden to being allergen-minimal, geraniums are a great option that work better in pots as opposed to bouquets. If you have an area of the garden that you want to fill up, these are also a great option to do that.