3 Simple Ways To Green Your Home

We can all do a little something to help the environment. As humans, we are doing more and more damage to our planet by being wasteful and careless with our resources. But it’s easy to make a few slight changes in our everyday life and our habits to make our home a little less straining on our planet.

1. Limit Your Energy Use

  • Cut down on electricity by switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs. If you’re not a fan of fluorescent light bulbs, switch to using lampshades as your main source of light. It would add ambience to your home without using a lot of energy.
  • Turn off all unused lights in the house – if you and your housemates are forgetful, install light sensors or automatic timers in each room.
  • Get unplugged, unplug any electrical appliances that aren’t in use.
  • Use appliances efficiently such as dryers, heaters, dishwashers and washing machines.

2. Be Mindful Of  Your Water Usage

  • Time your showers and don’t leave taps running when not in use.
  • Always switch off the tap faucets when handwashing dishes if you’re not rinsing.
  • Repair and seal all leaks from your home.

3. Grow Plants Indoors

  • Living plants in your home can act as natural air filters and can absorb harmful pollutants in your home from electronic equipment, furniture and carpets.